About Expella

Established in 2005, Expella is an innovative Australian company offering the latest in air movement technology. For over 15 years, Expella has helped both commercial and residential customers implement high quality ventilation solutions, to ensure a moisture and odour-free environment.

The health and wellbeing benefits derived from quality ventilation systems cannot be overstated, and in many cases improved air quality can be achieved through relatively simple and cost-effective measures. With ventilation solutions to suit all budgets, Expella has a range of products to instantly improve the air quality in any home or business.

Expella specialises in mechanical ventilation, supplying quality air movement products from around the world including:

  • Fans (for commercial and residential applications)
  • Bespoke and designer grilles and vents
  • Ducting
  • All-in-one ventilation kits.

From Expella’s headquarters on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the team draws on over 50 years of construction and mechanical installation experience to develop and supply products that improve both form and function.

Continual research and development is undertaken to identify new product opportunities, such as Milu Odourless, an exclusive range of toilets that eliminate bathroom odours at the source.  The team also focuses on existing products, to ensure high levels of performance, aesthetics and ease of installation.