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Milu Odourless is a sleek, modern, compact back to wall toilet. It features integrated odour control technology by Expella, which eliminates toilet odour using an exclusively patented design. It is manufactured using high quality vitreous china making it easy to clean and maintain. It is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Effective Odour Control

Expella Odour Control silently draws air directly from the toilet bowl, leaving the bathroom fresh and odour free. The system extracts approximately 5 litres of air per second directly from the toilet bowl. The system is 99.7% effective at removing odours and is an energy efficient alternative to conventional ceiling fans (for powder-rooms).

Expella Odourless Toilet

The Expella Odour Control has been appraised and tested by the following organisations:
– SAI Global
– Eco Specifier

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Video – Video simulation illustrating how air moves in the bathroom