Without effective ventilation systems, moisture within a home can become trapped and eventually lead to structural damage and ill health. Left untreated, the moisture can be absorbed by the building foundations, leading to rotting joists and warping of timber floors. It can also cause mould, which can spread to living areas and cause health issues.

Expella has developed unique ventilation kits specifically targeting mould and moisture issues in the home:

Bathroom Ventilation: Efficient bathroom ventilation is required to exhaust moisture generated from the shower and laundry. Expella has developed a Premium Exhaust Ventilation Kit for bathrooms and laundries extracting double the Building Code requirement with an attractive grille.

Sub-floor ventilation: Expella has developed a unique Sub-floor Ventilation Kit that silently extracts the damp / stale air from under the house reducing structural risks caused by osmosis.

Wardrobe and appliance ventilation: Expella’s unique 12 volt Ventilation Kit is ideal for exhausting damp / warm air from wardrobe and other confined spaces (eg. appliance cupboard).

Kitchen ventilation: Expella has developed a compact and effectively silent undermount rangehood capable of exhausting 70 litres of steam and kitchen odours per second.