The Expella Shadow-line Diffuser is an internal exhaust grille that sits concealed within the shadow line or at the wall/ceiling junction of an interior space. The product makes the ventilation system in an interior almost invisible so that the overall design of a room is not impacted by unsightly fan grilles.

The Shadow-line diffuser is designed to be used together with a ducted in-line ventilation system. This clever grille solution allows air to be discreetly and silently extracted from the room. It is suitable for interior wet-room applications including bathrooms and laundries. The Shadow-line Diffuser can be ordered with an integrated LED strip making it multi-functional if required.

The product has a modular design so that the unit can be extended to any length to suit any wall size. The Shadow-line Diffuser comes with a versatile mounting bracket that secures to a variety of structures and ceiling systems; it can be easily installed by a licensed tradesperson and requires no maintenance.