Did you know that stale air has higher levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than outside air which can accelerate the spread of germs and harbour unpleasant odour?


Expella has developed unique ventilation kits targeting common household odours:

Bathroom Odours

Expella Odour Control is superior in bathroom ventilation and prevents odours from accumulating in the first place.

Stale damp air (under floor)

Expella Sub-floor Ventilation kit silently draws stale air from underneath the house stimulating air movement and simultaneously keeping the area dry.

Stale damp air (wardrobes)

Expella ‘s unique 12 Volt Ventilation kit is ideal for circulating air within the wardrobe and other confined spaces eliminating stale and damp air.

Expella Odour Control:

“This is truly a great product and something I believe should be supported by the development and construction industry. The installation and cost is very modest.”


P.J. Powderly

Colliers International
State Chief Executive

eliminate mould and moisture from your home

Eliminate mould and moisture


reduce home heating and cooling costs

Reduce heating and cooling costs


keep your home healthy and energy efficient

Industrial ventilation


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