Whole house Ventilation Systems

Whole house ventilation systems can provide constant cross flow ventilation 24/7 supplying clean fresh filtered air whilst exhausting humid or stale air. In addition, these systems use the treated indoor air to either cool or heat the outside fresh air and thus reducing the load on the air conditioning system.

Fresh Air Supply Air Kits

Expella has developed a unique fresh air supply kit to supply fresh filtered air (continuously or on demand) for situations where there are no open able windows.

Heat/ Energy transfer kit

Heat Transfer Kits provides a low-cost, economical to run way to help warm and/or cool your home.

Ventilation with heat recovery is a clean and relatively simple technology which provides great comfort and savings: it helps create a hygienic micro-climate throughout the home, combining comfortable living, protection of the building and energy efficiency.


eliminate mould and moisture from your home

Eliminate mould and moisture


reduce home heating and cooling costs

Reduce heating and cooling costs


keep your home healthy and energy efficient

Industrial ventilation


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