Introducing the very first odourless toilet which uses Expella’s patented Odour Control Device that quietly extracts odours from the toilet bowl and discharges them directly into the sewer before they can spread through your bathroom and adjoining rooms.


How it Works
Expella’s Odour Control Device automatically detects when a toilet is being used and starts expelling odours directly into the sewer. Upon activation, air is quietly drawn from the toilet bowl, through the patented Odour Control Device and then discharged into the sewer. Watch video

Toilet Designs
Expella is exclusively supplying the MILU toilet range. The Milu Odourless range is a carefully curated selection of elegant toilet designs that suit any contemporary bathroom. In addition, Expella can supply the GALA toilet range with integrated Odour Control. More information on toilets and pricing…

Approvals and Regulatory Compliance
The Expella Odour Control complies with Australian Standards. – Australian Technical Specification (5200.425-2009) – Watermark Certificate (View Certificate)

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Odour Laboratory assessed the effectiveness of the Expella Odour Control Device as being up to 99.7% effective at removing odours.

The Journey
This product has been developed over the past 12 years with extensive design development, testing, field trials, re-design, more testing, professional appraisals and more testing. We have tested in excess of 30 design variants to optimise air flow performance and minimise noise. The process is relatively simple, but there is a high level of technical knowhow and detailed engineering to ensure the required amount of air is extracted quietly whilst overcoming pressure caused by the air path.

An innovative Australian designed product that has undergone extensive research and testing.

The Expella Odour Control System has been appraised and or tested by the following organisations:

– CSIRO Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology Division

– UNSW Atmospheric Emission and Odour Laboratory

– UNSW Hydraulics Laboratory







From concept to finish

How it works

Why choose Expella?

The work place environment together with the health and wellbeing of the children are fundamental to our business operation and we are pleased to confirm the Expella System has made a tremendous improvement to our bathroom amenities.

– J. W Hepburn (Childcare owner/operator)

I would like to take this opportuity to thank you for all your hard work and dedicated service you have given my company… there are too few companies trading in Australia that like you, put the customer before profits.

– Mark Dowsley Director, The Site Foreman

This is truly a great product and something I believe should be supported by the development and construction industry. The installation and cost is very modest.

– P.J. Powderly State Chief Executive Colliers International